Zenataur BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer)
ZenBOOTivity is an expanded version of ZenBOTivity wherein ZENAIDERS plan and execute the whole new business model for the customer, with the following objectives:
  • ▸ Incorporation of the business model
  • ▸ Planning and organizing the business plan for the customer
  • ▸ Planning business development, organizational structure, market research, HR strategies
  • ▸ Controlling and executing the business model on customer behalf as the true owner under contract period
  • ▸ Finally, transferring the business model back to the customer after the completion of contract period
ZenBOOTivity is for the customer wanting to establish a new company or a venture. And for the customers who are looking for partners that can take care of their end-to-end business model from incorporation to operations to go-to-market.
Zenataur BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer)
At ZENATAUR we ZENAIDERS support our clients by providing end-to-end support in implementing and building up infrastructure to their visionary business model. Under ZenBOTivity, our objectives are:-
  • ▸ Plan and organize the business plan for our client
  • ▸ Develop, Execute, and Implement the project through ZENAIDERS Team
  • ▸ Planning the business development strategies and organization development strategies
  • ▸ Coordinating and organizing investor meets
  • ▸ Proper market research, competitor analysis and cases studies for our clients
  • ▸ Building a strong customer base through our in-house marketing strategies
  • ▸ Planning & Execution of marketing mix for the project
  • ▸ Finally, transferring the project as a well-established business model back to the client
ZenBOTivity is for clients that are looking for Green-field / Brown-field investment or want to engage in new venture. Also for the customers who are looking for leasing partners that can execute their plans from operations to go-to-market.

Zenataur Innovation Lab
ZenINLAB is core of Zenataur, we believe innovation brings change and change brings progress. ZENRAIDERS are encouraged and motivated to imbibe innovation in their day to day activities particularly at work.
Zenataur Innovation Lab is involved in R&D mostly on mobility solutions with a principle ‘innovation that matters’.
Zenataur COnsultancy
Zenataur Creative System provides a single window for IT consultancy in any domain. ZENAIDERS provide the best solution to its clients through a trusted networks of partners in any product related to IT & ITES. Under ZenCO services, we provide the following services:
  • ▸ Requirement study
  • ▸ Vendor search & profile review
  • ▸ Project Management
Zenataur’s Short Notice Branding
Zenataur Short Notice Branding is a concept wherein we help our client to build a brand image within a short period of time i.e., minimal to 24 hours with confirmed number of leads and business opportunities.
ZenSONOB objectives are:
  • ▸ Reaching the exact number of audience
  • ▸ Monitoring number of leads
  • ▸ Monitoring number of conversions
  • ▸ Minimal time required to do branding; minimum being 24 hours
Zenataur’s Zero Costing Branding
Zenataur Zero Cost Strategic Branding gives a client an opportunity to cut branding budget and bring it to a negligible level, though giving the same bandwidth as per their earlier budget with confirmed number of leads and business opportunities.
ZenZECOB objectives are:
  • ▸ Reaching the exact number of audience
  • ▸ Monitoring number of leads
  • ▸ Monitoring number of conversions
  • ▸ Minimal branding cost
Zenataur Research Enablement & Development
ZenRED is to help and mentor startups and act as enabler by providing all kind of services within the budget of a startup. ZenRED comes with a motive ‘Earn As We Grow And Grow As We Earn’.
Zenataur MAtrix
ZenMA is a Zenataur Matrix that supports our client to understand their resource by these 4 Quadrants:
  • ▸ IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  • ▸ SQ (Social Quotient)
  • ▸ EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  • ▸ WQ (Work-space Quotient)
ZenMA is used by our clients to effectively manage their resources for high productivity, job satisfaction and work life balance.

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