Our E-Cargo Cargo software package is a one stop solution for all the cargo carriers. It includes all the essential Cargo related modules and has a robust reporting system and accounting modules.

The product includes the essential cargo system modules like:

  • ▸ GRN System
  • ▸ GCustomized Voucher Generation
  • ▸ GSeizer Management
  • ▸ GBack Office Accounting
  • ▸ GDriver Masters
  • ▸ GChallan Systems
  • ▸ GVAT Management
  • ▸ GVR Acknowledge System
  • ▸ GRobust Reporting Systems

Traditional Accounting Modules Including:



E-Lab is the product designed for clinical and diagnostic centers. It helps in complete automations of clinical labs by offering easy to use customized data entry systems for diagnostics. The system can be attached to sophisticated clinical devices to pull out generated values and parameters to customize end user reports.

Main Modules include are:

  • ▸ Bio-chemistry
  • ▸ Haematology
  • ▸ Thyroid panel System
  • ▸ Cytology
  • ▸ Histopathology
  • ▸ Immunology
  • Key Features:
  • ▸ Data Analysis
  • ▸ Account Reports
  • ▸ Report Export Options
  • ▸ Report Emailing Options
  • ▸ Daily Sales Statement
  • ▸ Customizable Default values


Point of Sales is fully customizable product which caters to all needs of a sales system.

The Salient Features include:

  • ▸ Billing Solution and customizable invoice Size
  • ▸ Complete Accounting Modules
  • ▸ Inventory Management
  • ▸ Purchase Order Generation
  • ▸ Powerful Reporting Modules
  • ▸ Custom Barcode Printing
  • ▸ Dot Matrix, Laser and Thermal Printing Support
  • ▸ Remote access Support


E-Biz Trader software is a general purpose customized trading package that is used as a complete solution for a general trade business.

Package includes the following modules:

  • ▸ Sales
  • ▸ Purchase
  • ▸ Inventory System
  • ▸ Ledgers
  • ▸ VAT returns
  • ▸ Trading account
  • ▸ Bar-coding
  • ▸ Customized Invoicing
  • ▸ GRN System
  • ▸ C-Form Management
  • ▸ Order system
  • ▸ Hundreds of Reports
  • ▸ Customizable end reports (sales, purchase, VAT, Shipments, etc)
  • ▸ Reports on Cloud – Access Anywhere And Everwhere


C-Geeks Systems is a Specializes in developing Solution for biometric and other security Systems. Our Biometrics product any accommodate any device type.We expertise in developing Custom attendance systems,Control Access Systems RFID and other Biometric Systems.

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